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Industrial maintenance coating
We use high performance architectural coating, including primers, sealers, under coaters, intermediate coats, and topcoats formulated and recommended for application to substrates exposed to one or more of the following extreme environmental conditions in an industrial, commercial, or institutional setting:


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If you need a special or standard coating
applied to your project.
We are the company that you can trust to apply
it according to manufacture specifications
We have large crews. work 24//7
weekends  & holidays We try to accommodate
you so you can maintain your
down time to a minimum

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Call Toll Free Patrick  1 - 877-749-5554


Bonding Agents, Coatings, Primers & Sealers, Curing & Hardening Compounds, Epoxies: Low Viscosity, Epoxies: Medium, Epoxies: Trowel Grade, Fiberglass System & Shapes,  Epoxy, Polymer,: Polyurethane, Membranes, Sealants, Admixtures, Bearings

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